There are many places to find great outdoor content, and Instagram can offer quality information and stunning images that fulfill a bit of your wanderlust, spice up your feed, and provide inspiration for your next adventure. Whether the pictures come from a must-see place near you or from a beautiful destination across the world, Instagram provides broad access to some of the best outdoor profiles. Following are nine outdoors Instagram accounts that you need to follow.


1. Chris Burkard (@chrisburkard)

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Chris Burkard is not only an amazing photographer, he is also a world traveler and film director. His profile features stunning landscapes from all around the world, located in countries like Iceland, Argentina, Italy, India, and more. Despite his colorblindness, all of Chris' photos reflect stunning color schemes, perfect lighting, and beautiful compositions. It isn't hard to see why he has over two million Instagram followers. His well-rounded skills are apparent as he captures a wide range of subjects, from wildlife in its natural habitat and aerial images of glacial rivers to surfers cruising frigid waves.


2. Bearded Camper (@beardedcamper)

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Beautiful mountains, adventurous pups, car camping, and burly beards are all things you can expect to see if you follow Beardedcamper. The outdoorsman documents his family's adventures on his page, ranging from trekking through snow and slot canyons to biking dusty roads and star gazing. The profile is only a few years old, but it has experienced rapid Instagram growth because this adventurous family has captured the hearts of many and inspired people to get outdoors.


3. Emmet Sparling (@emmet_sparling)

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Emmet Sparling's frequent travels lead to some of the most unique and simply wonderful landscapes that fill his Instagram account. His adventures have brought him to incredible destinations, including Peru's Andes Mountains, the crystal-clear waters of Belize, fairytale castles in Slovenia, and so much more. The moody lighting and warm colors are enough to draw you in and make you dream of being exactly where the photo was taken.


4. Devon Spencer (@heyguystudios)

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One look at Devon Spencer's Instagram account will show you the vast diversity and beauty of mountains across the world. The perspectives of many of his photos capture the details in the smallest flowers and water ripples to the grand peaks and white snowfields in the background, making his photos the next best thing to physically being there. The consistent quality delivered in his photos and unique stories depicted in his captions elicit a lot of engagement from his social media following.


5. Caroline Foster (@wilderness_addict)

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There's no doubt that Caroline Foster is, in fact, a wilderness addict as she ventures deep into the wilderness around her base in Montana and elsewhere around the U.S. and Canada. Winter or summer, she explores the outdoors, and the moments shared from her adventures are absolutely breathtaking. Whether it's crossing paths with a large grizzly bear or sitting on a cliff amongst massive snowcapped mountains, the photos of her experiences are enough to make anyone want to go outside and explore.


6. Loki (@loki_the_wolfdog)

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Loki is a husky/malamute/wolf mix who spends his time camping and running around the outdoors with his owner and best friend. Over the 12 years of Loki's life, over a million Instagram followers have tuned in to see him venture everywhere from the snowy backcountry of Colorado to the coasts of California. He might be one of the most photogenic adventure pups out there, posing patiently on wooden perches and by waterfalls.


7. Wilderness Culture (@wilderness_culture)

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Some of the best outdoor photos from individuals around the world are featured on Wilderness Culture's page. The page has built a community for those who love the outdoors, and they share spectacular images that every wilderness lover can admire. By featuring photos from photographers and adventure enthusiasts worldwide, Wilderness Culture gains a large amount of engagement from the encouragement to share your own adventures and interact with other men and women of the outdoors.


8. Zackk Barazowski (@zackkcore)

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Zackk Barazowski is a photographer based in Vancouver, Washington, and his wonderful excursions have gained him a fair amount of Instagram growth over the past few years. The Pacific Northwest is known for its many overcast and foggy days, but Zackk Barazowski turns the weather that many view as dismal into something beautiful in his photographs. The often foggy conditions and deep, moody lighting depicted throughout his page add a truly unique aspect to his work.


9. Even Tryggstrand (@eventyr)

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Wandering mostly through Europe, Even Tryggstrand flawlessly captures the icy and rugged landscapes of Iceland, Norway, Finland, Switzerland, and other remarkable scenes. One of the most notable aspects of his Instagram feed is the splashes of color coming from the array of northern lights images. If seeing this phenomenon wasn't on your bucket list before, Even's photos provide a compelling reason to add it. The swirling figures of the lights and the sheer scope of the landscapes he photographs seem otherworldly.