Relaxed Social started as a passion and a hobby. Our CEO and founder is an experienced digital marketing manager with a lengthy social media portfolio. When his personal Instagram account reached 30k followers, he started receiving inquiries from businesses wanting the same types of results for their Instagram accounts.

Fast forward 2 years, and Relaxed Social has worked with over 400 different brands on Instagram. Every single one has seen great results in terms of follower growth, engagement growth, and direct sales. We are now a team of social media guru's, specializing in organic social media growth and marketing. Our goal is to make social media easy. Not every business has the resources to spend 2 hours a day liking, commenting, and following users on Instagram. That is why we created Relaxed Social. We let you relax as your social media gains traction. 

Our primary goal is to generate a positive ROI for each client and to increase their revenue.

With our skilled team of social media experts, you can successfully realize your business goals and increase your online presence.

Social media moves at a staggering pace. The Relax Social Social Media team tracks technology and consumer behavior trends to keep up with the constant changes in the industry. We then interact with the right people on the right platforms to connect your brand with customers.

Not everyone has time to like, comment, and interact with 500+ users each day. We think your business deserves thousands of new targeted followers, so we take care of it for you.